The Global Affects Of Modern Fashion

Clothing is a necessity that every person is entitled to. It is one of the basic necessities of life. The fashion of today is far different than it was five years ago. Fashion and clothing are two things that are different yet similar at the same time. Fashion is wearable art, it is used to express yourself without having to say or speak anything. Clothing, on the other hand, can be basic and doesn’t require to be expressive. Fashion makes clothing more enjoyable to the masses and fashion is what progresses clothing further. Clothing at its core is something that is used to cover the body. Fashion is making that piece covering your body more appealing.

Over the years fashion has gone through many changes, each year new fashion is introduced, new trends are set by global designer clothing manufacturers who spend years designing their clothes. Access to the latest fashion trends is a luxury not everyone can afford. These designer clothes are very expensive as they make original items every year, these clothes are comprised of the finest fabrics and exquisite designs that raise their value to astronomical amounts when compared to normal clothing. Over the years many brands have tried to make affordable fashionable clothing available to the masses but no one has been that successful in bringing those eccentric designs to the cheaper mark for everyone to afford. One of the reasons that affordable fashion does not have the same value as designer clothes is to do with the fact that designer clothes sell much more than just fashion. They sell a lifestyle, a lifestyle that is very exclusive. If everyone could afford designer clothes, they wouldn’t carry the same value. It wouldn’t give the buyer the same feeling. Designer clothes are successful due to a singular physiological fact, If everyone has it no one wants it. With time even designer clothes have gotten mainstream with more and more people getting successful and buying these clothes to prove the point that they made it. It has gotten to the point that even these historic businesses some of which have lasted over a century have now jumped to the online world, something which is very rare for older businesses. You can easily buy designer clothes online from websites of these pristine designer brands these days.

Another form of fashion that is on the horizon is fast fashion. This form of fashion is very affordable and widely available, fast fashion follows very different principals with its main goal being, to be able to make a ton of designs at a given time which appeals to everyone. This way f a buyer enters the store and they don’t like one design or two designs there are tens more to choose from. This form of manufacturing also rapidly changes which makes people want to buy more as they want to wear the trendiest clothes. The main market for fast fashion are high school kids and teenagers who want to be relatable with their peers and have no interest in the market of designer clothes, this affordable form of fashion works for both the manufacturers and the buyers as they think they are sending less in the short term but in the long run, they are spending hundreds of dollars each year just on clothing. These manufacturers use all sorts of seasons and festivals to market their clothes introducing them as summer dresses and eid collections around the year.

Fashion has improved immensely over time, we have seen many new designers rising from all parts of the world. These hardworking and creative minds are working to make fashion more about just looking good and are finding new ways to make it represent something important and uniting us through different approaches. The clothing of today is more than just wearing clothes to cover ourselves, it has become a very open form of expression for people around the world. It is used to show support to those who need it while also serving its main purpose of making people look good. In the future, we can be certain to see more complex designs and new means of clothing to be born.

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