Read Garment Tags
Some jeans may require special or different care. For instance, denim with certain types of embellishments may require dry cleaning. Before you wash a new pair of jeans for the first time, always check the manufacturer's tag for any special laundry instructions, and follow these.
Drip Dry
Hanging jeans to drip-dry is easy on the fabric, reduces wrinkles and helps your jeans maintain their proper fit.
Turn Jeans Inside-Out Before Washing
Always turn jeans inside-out before tossing them in the washing machine. This helps reduce fabric bleeding and cuts down on friction to the "face" (aka the outside) of the jeans fabric.
Here are some general guidelines and recommendations;
  • When learning how to wash jeans, keep in mind that they may shrink if you use hot water or dry them too long in the dryer. The higher the cotton content, the more likely they are to shrink.
  • Never use bleach when washing jeans. It will not only cause them to fade drastically, but can cause the material to be damaged.
  • If you are hanging washed jeans outside, never hang them in direct sunlight. This can cause the color to fade.
  • Do not wash jeans on the heavy duty cycle of your washing machine unless they are extremely soiled. This can cause the fabric to wear out sooner than if you wash them on a less vigorous cycle.
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