• Always check the manufacturer's tag for any special laundry instructions, and follow these.
  • FAQ's regarding care instructions for your Sincerely Southern Style Garment (and any garment with a graphic design)
  • The designs on the shirts are made with a durable vinyl heat transfer (and pressed with a professional heat press) or they are screen printed and should outlast the garment if taken care of properly.


  • Flip garment inside out
  • Wash on delicate cycle if you can 
  • No bleach
  • Remove promptly


  • Airdry is best but dry on low inside out if you need to. 
  • Remove promtly to avoid wrinkles
  • If you dry any graphic tee on high, your garment may shrink and your graphic will not look as good as when you purchased it (whether vinyl or screen print).


  • Keep garment inside (do not ever iron over the graphic)
  • Iron on a low-medium setting.


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